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Versuri Melodii » Bryan Adams - Don ·t let go

Inapoi la Bryan Adams

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I can·t believe this moment·s come
It·s so incredible that we·re alone
There·s so much to be said and done
It·s impossible not to be overcome
Will you forgive me if I feel this way
Cuz we·ve just met - tell me that·s OK
So take this feeling·n make it grow
Never let it - never let it go
(Dont let go of the things you believe in)
You give me something that I can believe in
(Dont· let go of this moment in time)
Go of this moment in time
(Don·t let go of things that you·re feeling)
I can·t explain the things that I·m feeling
(Dont· let go)
No, I won·t let go

Now would you mind if I bared my soul
If I came right out and said your·e beautiful
Cuz there·s something here I can·t explain
I feel I·m diving into driving rain
You get my senses running wild
I can·t resist your sweet, sweet smile
So take this feeling·n make it grow
Never let it - never let ït go

Adaugat in 27.11.2006, 18:46 de ionel coscondel

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