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Versuri Melodii » a new found glory - 3rd and long

Inapoi la a new found glory

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pick up the pieces that i·ve left behind
i woke up today feeling older
and never so much better
i know i talk in circles.
i never wanted to avoid your conversation.

you see yourself in my eyes.
another day has passed us by.
the more time i spend,
the less i see of you.

i·ll never take it back
your voice is like an angel
guiding over every move i make
i·ll never want it back
the direction that you·ve gave me.
nothing can replace what i·ve gained.

time grabs me by the shoulders.
no one know how it feels to move over.
i know i·m still far from you
and it feels like i·m still far from home.

my name is a disappointment.
i only disappoint myself.
if only i could hold thïs moment
kept from everyone else.

Adaugat in 11.03.2007, 20:57 de ionela viteazul

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